[You can negotiate salary boldly even if you have little work experience! ] Follow these 6 methods and you can negotiate a satisfactory amount!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Apr 27, 2023 Posted at 11:12 AM
Salary negotiation

After all, the result of the negotiation will be the monthly income you can enjoy after joining the company. If the price does not meet your ideal, you will definitely not be happy and devote yourself to your work.

That being said, salary negotiation requires certain skills to have a higher success rate. Here are 6 salary negotiation skills, learn them now!

1. Know the market conditions

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Many young job seekers are not confident in negotiating salaries because they have no idea about the market situation. Therefore, it is important to understand the average salary of the position in the overall job market, the region where you are located, and the position. If you have the professional skills that the company needs, you can increase your bargaining chips.

In addition, you should also participate in multiple interviews with different companies to understand the market situation. Even if you are not looking for a job, you should keep active accounts on various job search platforms. During the interview, ask the HR for the exact salary range.


2. Avoid being the first to make an offer

When negotiating salary, it is best not to state your expected salary first, but let the other party make a price first. This is because if you state your expected salary first, then this price may become the upper limit of this negotiation, and the other party may lower the price based on this number.