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Now that the certifications are complete, the learning materials will serve as an excellent reference for the future. Not only will these certifications strengthen our partnership with Powell, but they will also enable us to better deliver the capabilities to our customers.”As we learnd in our Welcome to the New Normal podcast series, speaking to van Ruys , co-leader of the think tank Women in AI, the issue goes beyond the workplace.

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However, at Powell Software, we believe that a balancd workforce brings benefits to every employee. We’re not the only ones who V think phone number list this way. Balancd gender ratio in the workplace According to a study by the Montaigne Institute, hiring women is a real performance lever for companies. The more women there are, the more companies benefit in terms of performance, growth and productivity. At Powell Software, we strive to achieve gender equality and recruit more women into the technology industry.

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In this focus post, we will share the career paths and profiles of four inspiring women at Powell Software. In the spotlight: Camille, Pauline, Marine DZ Leads and Esther. Camille Gorce – Head of Professional Services Zoom on the feminine profiles ”Inspires women who want to get into tech” Camille is 26 years old and has been with Expertime/Powell Software for over 5 years. She is currently responsible for the company’s Professional Services division. A graduate of an engineering school (ISEP), Camille knew how to carve out a place in a male-dominatd world.