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The AI in the public space has recently been restrict by the EU quite rightly in my view. Headlines of AI in combination with the EU So we wont know exactly who will be reach but this is actually not necessary at all. Especially now that NMOs new Outdoor Advertising Research BRO is coming onto the market which provides extensive insight into reach… and more. Spatial Data Science A position at a particular time on a map provides rich contextual meaning about intention and behavior. Many existing research and business data have a location component GPS zip code and can therefore be display on a map Population density Income Age groups Points of sale Schools amusement parks restaurants Travel behavior Transactions.

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Average spe Much of this data is publicly available CBS VW Google Maps Google Greece Telegram Data and an increasing range of geospatial data is for sale. Money is increasingly being made from geospatial data . of location data telcos but also apps with GPS provision for weather navigation gaming dating and news apps. For example Echo offers store visits bas on app location data and also creates accurate polygons outlines of stores to make footfall store visits measurable. TMobile previously tri to come up with a methodology with CBS to anonymize telco data. There was an angry reaction to this in the press . Reason for TMobile to cancel that project at the time.

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These data are now for sale. Open Germany Telegram Number is an initiative of the telco industry TMobile Ericsson Telefonica Vodafone Orange where their joint anonymiz data is offer via standardiz APIs . The telco industry sees an important revenue model in selling data. A market that will reach a total value of . billion in and in which of organizations say they want to invest in the next years. There is therefore a lot of demand for data with a.