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How to start? Like every good host, we start with cleaning. We update the profile with. Among others, the following information data integrity. Photos information and header personal statement experience and skills recommendations. We will write about the details in our e book about Social Selling, while the above points are the basic elements worth considering. In the e book. We will also write you some tips on how to complete this information so that it looks consistent and professional. Preparing your professional business card is an absolutely basic. Step for further action. Same with the company website. Creating a company account gives you many possibilities.

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Starting from building your image online and supporting our business. Publishing job offers, building an expert brand or analyzing specific activities . LinkedIn, unlike Facebook, does not support company pages and those based only on company accounts  so much, what’s more, to set them up on LinkedIn, you whatsapp mobile number list must already have a personal account. This is how the portal is constructed , and despite the rapidly growing share of company pages, LinkedIn is still a portal based on a personal brand. Simply put, you cannot promote a business account without the active participation of personal accounts. board members or traders.

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A business account is quite simple to set up. It is worth preparing a description of the company in advance and considering several elements. So what do we need to start Profile picture (usually in the form of a company logo) Background photo _ Basic data about the company and specializes Contact details In these tabs, we can also add website administrators or some technical information. Setting up an account should not take us more than an hour, if of to provide DZ Leads beforehand. In our e-book on Social Selling, which we will publish soon, we will write more Pro Tips on how to prepare this data.