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Nostalgia : melancholic feeling and regret towards places, people, objects or periods of the past now far from us.
Who has never tried it?
We already know that psychology and emotions have a lot to do with marketing , but can nostalgia be applied to a sales strategy ?
Apparently, yes.

What is “nostalgia marketing

Nostalgia marketing , or nostalgia marketing , is a strategy that aims to leverage the memories of potential consumers and, precisely, their nostalgia for the past, to be able to create an emotional connection between brands and customers.
How? Also recalling in the “here and now” positive experiences lived years ago.
The present, especially in recent times , has proved Effective Multi-Channel to be uncertain, full of challenges and difficulties. Not to mention the future.
On the contrary, sometimes we tend to consider the past as idyllic, reassuring, but now lost, and to nostalgiawe match the psychological phenomenon of the “rosy retrospective” . Connecting potential customers’ past and present through, for example, a studied advertising
campaign or the launch of a specific item can increase sales UAE Phone Number List and engagement : a connection between the product and memories of the past to be kept alive proves to be an effective tactic. The key to success, however, always remains the use of precise sensory stimuli, to arouse nostalgia . For example a visual , an image, a piece of music, a clear and direct reference to specific targets .

Target type

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Nostalgia marketing campaigns are generally aimed at two ideal targets : Millennials and Generation X.
Millennials , born between the 1980s and mid-1990s, have lived Effective Multi-Channel through the digital transition to the fullest. So nostalgic appeals to the analogue world before the Internet age can have a greater persuasive effect on them .
But even those belonging to Generation X , born between 1965 and 1980, are an interesting target , thanks to their economic possibilities.
What about Generation Z (1996-2010)? Enter the concept of“communal nostalgia” and of feeling part of something. The memory goes beyond personal experience and melancholy DZ Leads turns to society and to a historical period not experienced directly.

Examples of nostalgia marketing

The concrete examples are countless and linked to various types of brands . Like the Fiat
advertising campaign for the launch of the Fiat 500 Dolcevita , with strong references to the 60s and Italian Glamour, associated moreover with an iconic product that has fascinated several generations.