How to manage the activities and time of Company Resources

What does it mean to manage Company Resources, tasks and Customer Relations?

To make the most of the opportunities associated. With the technological revolution we are going through .And the availability of versatile and ready-to-use software solutions that digitization. Makes available to made in italy smes. Let’s understand what are the essential tools at the base of a successful phygital strategic project .

Whether your company operates. In the corporate or final consumer market. Regardless of sector and size, there are fundamentally important. Tools that are the basis of success, as they support. Development and improve people’s performance.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planner


The meaning of the acronym ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning (“enterprise resource planning”), it is an integrated management system of all relevant business processes of a company (sales, purchases, inventory management, accounting, etc.) .

And this can be achieved by introducing a system that eliminates waste and errors, preventing the organization from being “broken” or dividinto watertight compartments where the flow of UK Business Fax List materials , information and management are disconnect and generate costs and wasted time .

An ERP supports managers, entrepreneurs and companies to have the “pulse of the situation” by reducing the costs of operational management and freeing up the resources needed to seize the great.

Opportunity of the phygital revolution

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Time management of activities
How many times have you heard the answer ” I didn’t have time “? In the development of a phygital repositioning project of a Made in Italy SME, this is among the first causes of failure: the lack of ability to manage activities over time. Yes, because time cannot be manag but the activities that occupy time can be organiz and managed in all work teams with the Phygital Project management culture (link) and with digital tools that are increasingly DZ Leads  cheap and specializ

CRM – Customer Relationship Management
Do you know what is the number one cause of customer abandonment of the brand? The abandonment! 68% of customers leave a company because of an employee’s indifferent attitude!

Phygital change
What it means: that you need to invest and learn how to effectively manage relationships with your customers.