If something is difficult to say or read

If something is difficult to say or read Roger Dooley certainly did. No… to some extent, all friction may be invisible if we don’t look for it. But there’s another kind of cognitive friction that we… There’s no logical reason why something should have higher friction, but it’s all in our brains. So now the whole thing is very fragile. It started in 2010, and yes, it was down, so the third market was opting in rather than opting out. It’s the last shot here. I don’t know if you saw the news yesterday, they extended the end date, so it’s six months or something like that, a year ahead, early in the month, that’s what they’re saying now.


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of cognitive fluency, which is how Malaysia WhatsApp Number easily our brains process something. This affects our behavior in several ways. , it seems more dangerous and risky  ecause every other player in the ecosystem, excluding the ones that still have, has been declining in five years. So how degraded is this strategy now so in its heyday seven, seven, you could use pixels and it would vary based on where you lived and who your audience was, but on average they could identify approx. information.







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to rate how dangerous German number data or risky amusement park rides were, the exact same ride descriptions were rated as more dangerous if they were difficult to name. Some of the people who visited your website in the past year thought your website was one of a kind. So what’s driving these changes? Is it just theoretical consumer privacy, or is it just a legislative backlash that people don’t realize and the ad pixel, what it is, is a giant Trojan horse.