Inclusive marketing if the data speaks volumes

Pepsi instead, in 2016, reintroduced the “Crystal Pepsi” of the nineties on the market as a limited edition. The highlight of the promotional campaign was the “Crystal Pepsi Trail” game on the site, which was reminiscent of the 1992 Oregon Trail game

Nostalgia marketing: the risks and how to avoid them

is to adhere to the trend in a superficial way.
It is necessary to build a campaign that is in any case current, from the point of view of images, language and visuals. And that it doesn’t become a simple regret of the past without the fundamental element of innovation .
Better if the brand is already known and part of the imagination of the reference target .
To evaluate this variable, it is necessary to analyze the big data of the sector and related to the potential audience. Monitor the interests of the target, clearly define the buyer persona and convey a refined, exclusive and emotional message.
But with a well thought out strategy , the brand improves its brand awareness , engagement and sales .
In short: with a fair look at the past , you can build the future of your company.

Advertising campaigns depicting curvy models , praising body USA Phone Number List positivity . TV commercials that celebrate same-sex love and feature “unconventional” families. Fashion and beauty brands, which choose faces and testimonials far from traditional aesthetic canons, to represent new models of beauty.

In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid and significant change of direction in the communication of brands and companies . Which, driven by the public’s growing sensitivity towards the themes of “diversity” and “inclusivity”, have chosen to promote advertising campaigns with the aim of breaking old stereotypes and telling all aspects of a person’s identity : color skin tone, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, body type, ethnicity, culture, language, religion.

This communication strategy, which brings with it a whole series of internal and external initiatives to the company, goes under the name of Inclusive Marketing (Inclusive Marketing) .

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The main risk, when we talk about nostalgia marketing

Inclusive Marketing is, to put it in one definition, the development of communication campaigns and projects that embrace diversity, including people with different backgrounds or histories that everyone can relate to. Diversity, which can also represent multiple identities and dimensions that meet, to recognize all the nuances.

But why is inclusive marketing so important today? The answer comes to us (also) from two studies. The first is the one, conducted and published by Microsoft , which investigates GenZ’s buying intentions. And that reveals how 70% of respondents say they trust brands that represent diversity in their ads more , while 49% admit they have stopped buying products from companies that don’t respect their values.

The second is the Diversity Brand Index. A tool, created with the aim of measuring the level of inclusion of brands in a customer-based perspective, verifying the real commitment of companies on Diversity & Inclusion.

This index tells us that 88% of consumers are highly DZ Leads sensitive to diversity issues and are more inclined to prefer more inclusive brands . And that brands perceived as non-inclusive register a negative Net Promoter Score (NPS, indicator of word of mouth) equal to -90.9%, compared to 81.2% instead for brands perceived as inclusive.