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You need to figure out what will truly resonate with  audience and apply. These general rules of thumb for content for a creative strategy. That resonates with your target consumers. that goal and feels consistent with your brand. Connecting with Gen Z starts with capturing their attention. But that’s not the whole story One of the defining characteristics of. Gen Z is that they are almost always online; most of that time is spent on smartphones. eMarketer analysts predict that Gen Z Internet penetration in the. United States will reach 99.1% by 2024. They are hyper-aware of the many social channels and entertainment. Options available, but they still There are only so many hours in the day.

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Products from brands that are too clever, slick. Or  likely to work on a platform like TikTok. That’s why brands look to Asia Mobile Number List creators to help them The. Instagram capture Gen Z’s attention, drive engagement on the platform. And boost conversions, like this content from cringe cringecarter and. Dunkin Donuts. It’s a very different creative approach than the one Dunkin’ Donuts is taking on. Instagram’s millennial wall, and collaborating with a creator clearly illustrates different expectations. of users on each platform. If your approach to different audiences and channels. You could end up falling behind the very audience you want to reach. But that doesn’t mean you should think of Gen Z as a monolith. The basic marketing principles you apply to any audience still apply.

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Pushing for authenticity doesn’t mean Gen Z is allergic to “brand content.” Even on the contrary, they are completely used to interacting with DZ Leads brands at any time. But what they’re looking for from that brand content is something else. GWI data shows that the top 3 things Gen Z wants to see on social media are humorous fun. Inspirational and useful content. Source. Gen Z also wants to see authentic content within the context of the platform. That could be another pain point for brands that don’t. Want to invest in ads that belong to a channel-specific creative platform like TikTok or aren’t comfortable. With an “authentic” aesthetic, meaning video or the image looks like it. Was shot on an iPhone and appears instantly on the platform.