Lead generation 7 practical techniques for attracting and converting leads

Currently, the sales and lead generation process is more elaborate than a few years ago. We were able to draw the potential customer’s desires, their doubts, the priorities in a purchase, the steps and, thus, understand their journey to closing the sale . However, although many companies understand the theory, most cannot apply it in practice with satisfactory results. But why does this happen? Well , contrary to what it may seem, lead generation does not have a magic formula. Attracting, qualifying and selling is the most obvious order, but between each of these steps there are several nuances, especially if we are talking about different means of capturing leads . Check out, in our article, everything about lead generation.

What is lead generation ?

Lead generation is a strategy for generating, attracting and converting leads that, at some point in the buying journey, have shown an interest in knowing or consuming your product/service. In general, these leads are generated online and offline , such as events, fairs, production and dissemination China Phone Number of online content , etc. Here it is important to make it clear that lead and lead generation are not the same thing. While the first refers to the potential customer itself, the second is a process aimed at transforming a stranger into contact information. In this way, when this process is done in an organized and assertive way, the chances of attracting leads that are more aligned with your purpose and easier to qualify increase, leading to work optimization and high conversion rates.

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Understand how lead generation works

To design a lead generation strategy for your business. The first point is to understand who your customers are, what their buying journey is. And how your business’s sales funnel works. With this, you can extract data that will serve as guides to find and attract this customer. It is possible to use DZ Leads information such as position, location, number of employees in the company, niche , pain, etc. From this, there are two ways to attract and generate leads : through outbound marketing and inbound marketing . You can choose one of the two ways or a combination of the two, which is particularly our recommendation. In outbound marketing , lead attraction is in the offline medium , such as fairs. Events that your business holds or participates in, actions in stores, advertising on. TV and billboards , active prospecting, lists, door-to-door, etc.

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