Need to sell more Knowing how to attract customers is the first step

Every manager and sales leader faces a major challenge when it comes to hitting targets: capturing quality leads on a recurring basis. Is it like this with you? In general, this happens because capturing leads should not be seen as a process of luck, as many people think. Drawing up actions and hoping they work out is certainly the worst strategy. After all, today, with the development of knowledge in sales, it is known that capturing leads is much more expertise than luck. Want to know how to capture customers to sell more and have greater sales predictability? In this article, we’ve collected effective tips from our sales professionals. The first step in attracting customers is defining the strategy Customer acquisition is the search for people who might be interested in buying what you are selling.

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Capture needs to be done strategically to be efficient — that is, to get as many leads as possible with the least amount of resources invested. Inbound and outbound marketing are two well-known and already consolidated ways of attracting customers. Each has its own characteristics Belgium Number Data advantages and disadvantages. Understand more: outbound marketing corresponds to active prospecting and uses more traditional marketing techniques, such as calls, sending emails and events inbound marketing aims to attract interested people through the distribution of interesting content , such as e-books , lectures and other rich materials When to use inbound or outbound marketing? The definition of one of the strategies will depend on the structure and objectives of your company. Outbound requires more financial resources and works best with a team of trained sales professionals.

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That already have an experienced commercial sector. Inbound marketing, on the other hand , is cheaper, can have a large part of the processes automated, and can reach a large number of people, but it is still necessary to qualify the leads and focus on conversion strategies. For those who cannot invest DZ Leads much, this may be the most interesting strategy . However, ideally, companies should have a mix of both strategies and bet on both fronts. While the inbound team qualifies what arrives for the closer. The outbound team will play the role of attracting and also qualifying. In the next topic, you will learn how to capture customers with each of these options. How to capture customers using outbound marketing? In outbound marketing, the company goes to customers to offer its products or services.

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