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The transformative events that have characterized the last two years continue to impact companies and their communication. From a moment of crisis , however , values ​​can be reborn . The predisposition to change, courage and brand empathy are some of the topics that affect business communication today . The period Our Work Is to of the health emergency has called many things into question, from our habits to our conception of “normality”. From the point of view Greece Phone Number List of corporate communication, the need seems to be to bring attention back to companies and their  rolein today’s society. While, in advertising, a new focus on emotional marketing is being strengthened . During the event organized by  Eco della Stampa  and  Digital Rebirth  entitled  “  ’20 | ’21 | ’22 Present and future of business communication ”,  together with various entrepreneurial personalities we wondered what the future of communication will be , after such a transformative period.

The new trend

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The world of communication today is undergoing a transformation, storytellers are increasingly becoming storydoers. This means that there is an increasing need for deep meanings and actions to accompany Our Work Is to words. Communication has become doing : doing content, process and, above all, doing business, as Micol D’Andrea clarified , describing the process of meaning towards which companies are moving.

What is the most correct way to welcome change? The debate revealed that the human dimension  and action are at the heart of everything. We are witnessing a real innovation of meaning as regards the very nature of communication, which today has taken on a much more relevant social function . But this is not enough, to evolve in the right direction we need awareness , but above all listening .

Password:  EMPATHY

The ability to know how to listen carefully to who is on the other side DZ Leads represents the fundamental basis of empathy . Today it is no longer effective to put a product on the market just Our Work Is to  because it is beautiful, precious or unique. Product communication must demonstrate the ability to listen to the consumer. In fact, an effective marketing strategy consists precisely in identifying and satisfying the human and social needs of the consumer.