Palestinian fighters and not Israeli soldiers

He achieved a horrifying success for the first time since it was.¬† Who occupied the towns on the border and terrorized their inhabitants. Never before has Israel looked less like a sanctuary for the Jewish people. As Mahmoud Muna a bookstore owner in Jerusalem said the impact of the Hamas attack. Was like condensing the last hundred years into a week. However this disruption of the status quo this coup for a kind of morbid equality with. Israel’s formidable war machine has come at an enormous price. Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters brigades of approximately commandos killed more than civilians including women children and babies.

The first phase of the AlAqsa

Flood was a classic and legitimate guerrilla war Belgium Telegram Data an occupying power fighters broke through the Gaza border. Fence and attacked military outposts. The first images of this attack along with reports that. Gaza fighters had entered Israeli cities caused understandable euphoria among Palestinians so did the killing of hundreds of Israeli soldiers and the taking of up to hostages. In the West few remember that.  when Gaza Palestinians protested at the border in during the Great March of Return Israeli forces killed protesters. But the Palestinians do remember and the killing of unarmed protesters has only reinforced the appeal of armed struggle. The second phase however was very different. Along with Gaza residents many of whom were leaving their city for the first time in their lives Hamas fighters went on a killing spree. They turned the Tribe of Nova rave into a bloody bacchanal another Bataclan.


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They hunted down entire families living in kibbutzim

They executed not only Jews but also Bedouins and migrant workers. Several of the Australia Telegram Number were Jews well known for their solidarity work with Palestinians notably Vivian Silver an IsraeliCanadian . As Vincent Lemire noted in Le Monde it takes time to kill civilians hiding in garages and parking lots or sheltering in safe rooms. The diligence and patience of the Hamas fighters was chilling. Nothing in the history of Palestinian armed resistance against Israel even approaches the scale of this massacre neither the Black September attack during the Munich Olympics nor the Maalot massacre perpetrated by the Democratic Liberation Front.