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Over the last 15 years, as a consultancy that works to increase sales productivity, we have observed the practices of small, medium and large businesses and their challenges in maintaining the pace and consistency in meeting sales targets . What we have found, in many cases, is that there is a lack of a structured sales strategy to meet targets and achieve business objectives. Realize that the dynamics established with the structuring of a sales strategy go far beyond defining objectives and breaking them down into goals . Building a good strategy is a job that requires, in addition to commercial intelligence, a lot of expertise in the subject. Thinking about the pain of our customers, we prepared a very complete article on the subject.

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By company leaders and managers based on market research, strategic vision and in-depth knowledge in sales. To reach these results, it is necessary to carry out an extensive Germany Phone Number and in-depth study combining elements such as the objective of your business, market niche, customer profile, among other points. Therefore, the sales strategy can be divided into 4 phases: What are the steps of the sales strategy? market research action planning and strategies development of an action plan follow-up of results How to build a sales strategy? Start by setting goals Well, first, start with the simplest attitude: take a piece of paper and write down the objectives for your business. Preferably, objectives for the current and the following semester, for the next year and for the future of the business.

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Be achieved in the short, medium and long term. It may seem very “basic”, but you would be surprised to know how many entrepreneurs underestimate this step. Once that’s done, it’s time to think about how you’re going to achieve those goals. This is where we will structure your goals. For example: if your DZ Leads goal is to double the company’s revenue this year, you need to think. About what structure will be needed to produce, develop, manage, deliver and sell more. How will the structure of the sales force be? Will it be owned or outsourced? Will they be in the field (field sales) or in the office (inside sales)? What technologies will you have to invest in to make work productive and assertive? In addition, it is necessary to think about other details that are essential to achieve results.