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The urgency to get the offer on that exact day. The result is a great sense of triumph among consumers. Seduce not mislead However there are things you should take into account. Because as a marketer you can seduce the consumer but never mislead them. It can be attractive to offer a new offer or an extension after such a countdown clock has expired.  Because then the Consumer and Markets Authority will reprimand you. And rightly so of course. Because when our personal trainer counts down the planks and you have to do an extra minute of planks at zero you feel misled. And its the same with an offer.


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Before the deadline of an offer and the Canada Telegram Data is then extended or the price is even lower This way you wipe the floor with AI noise and content poop like bookmark Gijs Ettes from soniq powered by Krcher March at am minutes reading Column From copywriting and generating ideas to analyzing data the modern marketer cannot do without AI. AI tools already take care of many marketing tasks but they also generate a lot of noise. How do you ensure that your efforts stand out in the crowd New on.

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A boot camp Like this This is how you gain Chile Telegram Number a strong reputation steps Fri The rise of Search Generative Experience is SEO becoming a thing of the past Fri In his book Marketing Rebellion marketing strategist Mark Schaefer argues for a fundamental shift in how companies promote their brands. Consumers are better informed than ever and are skeptical of traditional impersonal marketing messages. They look for brands that provide real meaningful experiences and are open and transparent in their communications. Successful marketing is all about authenticity and humanity. Its about listening to and involving your target group. In both BC and BB it can be valuable to use influencers to spread your.