So you write long and short words

The as a hyphen. You use this punctuation mark among other things to indicate that you have omitt part of a word. Instead of the advantages and disadvantages you can use a hyphen and make it the advantages and disadvantages. Or write main and side issues instead of main issues and side issues. Make sure you dont use the hyphen if you omit an entire word. and not long and short words. You also use the hyphen when Equivalent compounds. These consist of words of the same kind for example two adjectives such as black and white.

Main words with a special clause

Special clauses give an extra meaning to the main word. Think of former director or quasinonchalant . Links Here a series of words have grown into a fix concept such as readymade or getintheway . Vowel collisions If vowels together form a sound that is pronounc differently than intend this is a vowel collision. If the word consists of two Singapore Telegram Data words  form a compound you use a hyphen. As in gala evening or ski instructor . Geographical names If a geographical name consists of two parts always put a hyphen between them such as in Eastern Netherlands or Central America . . Ellipsis The ellipsis consists of three dots immiately one after the other.

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You can use this sign in different ways


To indicate that the reader must Australia Phone Number List¬† something himself In a zoo you will find many beautiful animals elephants tigers penguins zebras etc. To indicate a sudden interruption or a pause Three two one…go To indicate an interruption I ask Are you coming with me to but I didnt get a chance to finish my sentence. To indicate in a quote that a piece of text has been omitt He said It was not handy of me but I am sure this will never happen again.