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4 Set campaign settings: budget, period, targeting 5 Create an ad or select a post to promote and run an ad How to run community ads How to run community ads How to run community ads How to run community ads We are gradually merging all advertising accounts and soon VK Advertising will become a single platform for promoting any business on VK projects. For more information about the possibilities of promoting communities and posts on VKontakte, read the help .Bring customers back to the app with retargeting technologies In mobile app advertising, it became possible to attract current users to increase their engagement and stimulate sales January.

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The possibilities of VK Advertising for promoting mobile applications have expande – now advertisers can run ads on existing users and return them. Retargeting technologies are available for ads for Android and iOS apps. The update will allow app whatsapp mobile number list owners to solve one of the key tasks of mobile marketing — to keep the user active in the app and stimulate targete actions. With retargeting, you can: tell a loyal audience about promotions and special offers; remind about the application to those who did not use it after installation; return users who have delete the application.

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How to run app ads with retargeting To launch an ad for a mobile app, just link it to a mobile tracker and add it to VK Ads. Then create an advertising campaign by selecting the type “Involving existing users”. For retargeting campaigns, optimizations DZ Leads are available for in-app events, such as purchases, subscriptions, or reaching a level in the game. You can also set your own events for optimization by linking them to the categories available in VK Advertising . retargeting in vk ads We recommend that you do not turn off the “ Campaign budget optimization ” setting : VK Advertising algorithms will allow you to distribute the budget between ad groups in such a way as to select the most relevant audience.