The dogs in the animal shelter are very happy

The really ready for it. A point plac too late may look like this with all the attention they receive and the employees do their very best. At first glance this does not seem wrong but here two main sentences are join together with a comma. How The dogs in the animal shelter are very happy with all the attention they receive. The employees do their very best. Another way you can use the period is to abbreviate a word. Et cetera and for example are words that are often abbreviat to etc. and e.g. Also remember abbreviations such as please asap and tzt . Question mark The question mark like the period is at the end of the sentence but indicates that the sentence contains a question. You can hear this from the intonation.

At the end of an interrogative sentence the tone rises

In addition a question word Qatar Telegram Data what where why how which etc. can reveal that you should place a question mark at the end. Who was the first person to land on the moon Which countries have Spanish as their official language . Exclamation mark Do you want to put extra emphasis on a sentence Then you put an exclamation mark after it. For example this sign is often us in sentences in the imperative mood such as Beware . It is not common to place exclamation marks in objective texts such as news articles but it is fine in your marketing communications or in personal communication.

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Be careful not to use them too much

As that can seem very flashy. . Comma Using the Algeria Phone Number List is a lot more difficult. Many people do this by feeling and place a comma where a clear pause is audible. However there are some rules. You use a comma Before conjunctions such as because because and so except with and . There is no comma before the conjunction that.