The remaining queries will bring more

Cut off obviously non-targeted traffic using negative keywords.  targeted traffic, which will give a better conversion of the online store One ad for all target audience segments Usually such an ad turns out weak, especially if the target audience is diverse. When trying to The remaining queries will bring more make an ad “for everyone” it turns out “for no one”. For example, “Natural cosmetics at low prices” — such an offer will attract the attention of lovers of everything natural at most.

Create separate offers for each

udience segment: Hypoallergenic mascara for Special Data the allergy segment Unscented cream – for pregnant women and so on Ignoring retargeting . Some of the customers who were just a little bit pushed to buy on the website are lost Install tracking pixels on advertising platforms and “catch up” with advertising those who left the site without placing an order.


Track the effectiveness of advertising

for each request and ad, promptly redistributing the DZ Leads  budget in favor of the most successful ones Implement multichat Online chat with a live operator is a great way to quickly communicate with a client. It is not suitable for everyone: for example, marketplaces or large stores with thousands of products will require an unrealistic amount of resources and complex integrations to implement and support such a tool.