The solution within the next five years

A separate field of designing websites and websites. So what to do with Web 2.0? If we really want to use this concept in the history of the Internet, it would be worth finally defining and defining this period with some characteristic solutions in the field of: technology From this year Analytical approach Without it, all this hype will be forgotten or will be mocke over time, which is a pity, because in my opinion – just like AJAX – it had a significant impact on the development of the Internet and approaches to designing user interfaces, pushing the end user to the top of the hierarchy of nees. Before Web 2.0, when creating a website, the IT specialist and his vision were the most important after.

The Internet is constantly rushing

The final recipient of the content came to the fore. However, regardless of what we think about “Web 2.0” and what the future of this concept whatsapp mobile number list will be, the world ofg forward. There are many preictions of his closer and further development. In my opinion, the changes force by customers and further by marketing will oscillate around issues relate to personalize service of customer expectations on websites. Thus, we can expect breakthroughs in areas such as: Automatic chatbots talking to us as equals.

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Already announce implementation

Our constant online availability via DZ Leads ubiquitous internet-enable devices (wearables) More and more video content and software to eit it easily (actors tremble and I mean it seriously) Automatic translation of read and spoken content on the fly, which is already starting to crawl. Please see two videos for comparison. Here in 2014 the idea was presente. In 2016, they of. Virtual reality? Well, I’ve been looking at it for several years, I don’t know if it will manage to settle down or will pass as 3D TVs did.

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