What it is how to use it and how to sell more with this technique

Selling is the goal of almost every company. After all, without sales, there is no revenue, and without revenue, no business can sustain itself, right? That’s why companies dedicate themselves to studying and developing sales strategies and methodologies that combine with their internal processes and bring better and better results. One of these methodologies is BANT , a method developed by IBM, an American giant in the computer sector. In this article, you will understand how this model works, learn about its strengths and weaknesses and see how it is put into practice today. Follow! What is BANT? The main objective of the BANT methodology is to identify potential customers in the market who are aligned with the buyer persona of your business. This is done based on a criteria table developed by the company, in which it is possible to identify how “hot” this lead is.

And why is it called BANT?

Well, each letter of the acronym corresponds to the stages. Of this analysis: budget authority need time frame Therefore, many companies stopped using the. BANT method or updated their version, but we’ll talk about that later! Now, understand in more detail each of the steps of BANT Sales. What are Canada Phone Number stages of BANT? According to the method, the lead is considered ready for purchase if it meets 3 or 4 criteria of the BANT list. Next, check out what each of the stages the prospect goes through before receiving a proposal means. budget Budget , in Portuguese, means budget . This stage, as the name suggests, evaluates whether the prospect has the financial conditions to invest in the purchase of the product or service offered.

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Wasting a sales professional on this

Lead only makes your team less productive, after all, without him being able to pay the value of your product. It will be really difficult to move on to the next stages. Therefore, budget is the first point to be evaluated. authority. Having authority to close a purchase means that the person being approached DZ Leads  by the sales team. Has the power to decide on that deal or that he is able to influence the decision maker. This point is important to prevent sales executives from wasting time presenting proposals to people. Who will not be able to hammer out the purchase. Not meeting this criterion in the first contact means that all the work has to. Be repeated when talking to who will actually decide on the negotiation. Thus, if the lead does not have the authority to decide the purchase.