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If you are an entrepreneur , a trader , a craftsman or a professional and you are reading this article, you are probably in the delicate phase of choosing the new communication and marketing partner for the development of your company’s new website to best represent your brand .

I am aware of the difficulty of delving into such a technical and difficult subject for “non-experts” to help you understand how and what a website is made of, but above all to guide you to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings that can put the relationship at risk between those who expect the result (YOU) and those who must support you in achieving it.

First of all, to understand what a website is and what it isn’t, let’s take an example: is a website, Facebook is a website, Google is a website, but also “Mario Rossi’s” blog is a Website.

What are the differences? And especially…

How much does it cost to build a website?
What makes the difference between Internet websites ( 1.3 billion – source Casaleggio Associati 2018) are some fundamental variables that affect their value, costs and the achievement of success.

First of all, what “makes the difference” is the complexity of the technological architecture and the functionalities, or rather ” how it works “, ” what it does “… what degree of interaction and automation it foresees; secondly I would put the contents , i.e. how many pages , videos , images , products , languages ​​… it contains, and last but not least, the amount of users who access it constantly and what they ” can do and achieve “.

Having understood what the elements of value are, let’s see how in practice

Building a Australia Business Fax List successful website:
mobile web designmobile web design

Analyze the limitations of the previous platform to transform weaknesses into opportunities

Fax Lists

Conduct an SEO and Social intelligence analysis;
Define the SEO strategy (keywords and backlinks);
Define the SEM strategy (adv);
Create new content (static and dynamic);
Create images and videos;
Building the new navigation map;
Guarantee the best DZ Leads  ergonomics, usability and functionality (desktop, tablet, smartphone) … the User Experience;
Design the new Template in line with the coordinated image of the Brand;
Define the strategy of primary and secondary domains to register/transfer;
Build navigation menus and sub-menus;
Develop (static) and institutional pages.

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