What are sales KPIs and how to analyze them strategically?

Every result within a business needs to be measured. This practice allows us to understand what is working and find points of improvement to improve processes and obtain better results. The analysis of key performance indicators , called KPIs , also allows management to make decisions based on really important data for the business, which makes them much more accurate. In this article, you will find out what KPIs are , learn about their importance and application in the sales area, and check out a list of the main indicators to be analyzed. What are sales KPIs? KPI is the acronym for the English term Key Performance Indicator , which, in Portuguese, means key performance indicator . Its main function is to measure the performance of an action or strategy. This information helps companies to better understand the functioning and results of what is being put into practice.

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KPI alone cannot truly demonstrate whether something is working well or not. The most appropriate thing is to analyze several indicators and at a certain frequency so that comparisons can be made. In addition, the analysis of KPIs needs to be done strategically. Gathering a bunch of data and Brazil Number Data comparing it with previous periods or with competitors is not going to be very effective if people don’t have defined goals or are following a method. KPI is not the same thing as metric! Metrics are talked about a lot these days , and some people confuse this concept with KPI. A metric is anything that can be measured. This means that these data may or may not be relevant in the decision-making process. That is, not every metric will be able to indicate whether the results achieved are in accordance with what was expected.

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For the company’s decision-making process, it is considered a KPI. The KPI, therefore, is a more strategic indicator than the metric. Every KPI is a metric, but not every metric will become a KPI. How important is it to choose specific KPIs for my niche? There are many types of KPIs used to measure results of different strategies. And, as you can imagine, what works well for one case is not always the best for another. Those who work DZ Leads with sales should look for KPIs that show the results of a sales strategy , and not digital marketing , for example, as these may not make sense and even hinder the in-depth analysis of processes. In a real estate company, for example, the recommendation index is a very important factor.