What should be included in your digital marketing plan?


Well, the argumentative part of the text is now over.

It may not seem like it, but in some cases you may encounter some resistance to making a good digital marketing plan. Use the arguments above to get the entire team on your side!

And in many cases, everyone may agree on the importance of digital marketing planning, but there are disagreements about how long this work should take.

Set aside at least 2 months to do the planning. It is usually done between November and February, and has the same validity period.

But now with that out Ecuador Phone Numbers of the way, we need to talk about what a marketing plan needs to contain.

Are you ready to start talking about the practice?

Preliminary competition studies

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What is your competition doing today? What are the things you should be doing because the entire market is doing it?

This is the starting point for Algeria Phone Number List your marketing planning. It also helps you come up with new ideas and learn about techniques and strategies that you may not be familiar with yet.

To do this work, look for all the competition studies that your company has already conducted throughout its operation.

With this, you will have the most important thing: an initial list of your main competitors.

With this list you can start analyzing your competitors’ marketing.

See below a checklist of what you need to analyze,