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How to run video ads 1 From the Campaigns menu, click Create and select Video & Broadcast 2 Select a community from the dropdown list. In order for the community to appear in the list, you must log in to VK Advertising using your VK account (VK ID account), which is designate by the community administrator. 3 In the Videos field, select one or more videos that you want to promote. 4 The target action for advertising will be set automatically – “Views of videos and broadcasts”. 5 Set campaign settings: budget, period, targeting.

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Customize your ad – you can add a description, delete or swap videos – and run your ad. For more information about promoting the Video and Broadcasts object, see the help . Get more leads using discounts and bonuses in lead forms VK Latest Mailing Database Advertising has an opportunity to additionally motivate users to leave contacts and reuce CPL March 17, 2023 We analyze how businesses use lead forms in ads and improve the functionality so you can get more leads. You can now add more text to your description or provide a discount for filling out a contact form to encourage users to share data. New features are available in the Lead Forms section when creating a new contact collection form.

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After filling in the information about the company (name and logo), you can.  Choose one of three options for the first screen of the lead form: Compact . In this case, you have 50 characters for the title of the form and 35 for the short text. More DZ Leads text . By selecting this option, you can add a long lead form description of up to 350 characters.  To describe your product or contact goal in more detail. Reward . Allows you to add a discount or bonus for completing the lead form – information about this will be poste on the first screen of the form, as well as at each step of filling it out if you use the form to conduct a survey.