Multiple Stage Remarketing Campaigns

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, Remarketing is a form of interest-based advertising used by Google. Joanna Lord did a great job of explaining it here on this post about Remarketing. The short version is that you tag a visitor who comes to your website with a browser based cookie, then Google uses that cookie to serve your display ads across the web.

Multiple Stage Remarketing Campaigns

Multiple stage remarketing campaigns allow you to display different messaging, pitch new offers, and even alter the frequency at which your advertisements appear, all based on the number of days since a viewers last visit tagged on your site. This tactic is particularly useful for products or services with a long sales cycle, or Free Trial Offers (like the SEOmoz 30 day trial).

A cookie can last up to 540 days, the maximum duration set by Google.


Creating A Campaign Timeline

Multiple stage Remarketing is all about getting the right message in front of your viewers at the right time. In order to do that you’re going to have to separate your sales cycle into stages, determine what message you want to get in front of the customer, and at what frequency you want them to see your ads for each stage in the process. There can be as many stages as you need, but the more complicated it gets, the harder it becomes to manage.

Here’s an example timeline for a travel agency

As you can see, there’s a stage for each of the Belgium Business Fax List major timeframes in the decision making process. During the first few days you want to build brand recognition, then you may want to ease off for a while as they start making their decision. You’ll want to remind them of what you have to offer when it comes time to book the trip, Then you throw all the best deals their way as a last-ditch effort.

Creating Remarketing Campaign Stages

Fax Lists

When you first setup your campaign, you typically have an include tag, which identifies your target visitors, and an exclude tag, which identifies which visitors have completed goals or transactions. To use multiple stage Remarketing, you’ll need to create a DZ Leads  Remarketing list for each stage individually.

Creating the Remarketing lists is simple, and you can use your current Remarketing tag. Here’s what a it should look like when you create a new remarketing list.