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The ability to set and configure permissions within the tool has greatly boostd adoption in the end-user community. The ability of users to manage their teams themselves promotes personal responsibility and acceptance. Microsoft also describes it as an active democratization of productivity. However, this comes at a price if governance is not taken into account up front, as many companies have found. Controlling “Teams sprawl” – Teams spread First, as users discover that they have the fredom to.

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Use applications however they want, we see a tremendous proliferation in the number of teams creatd. “Teams Sprawl” is the result Latest Mailing Database of allowing users to create teams on demand without any governance or process planning. Usually, the usual “test team” starts. This is how most new users try an application. With the hope of better understanding the best way of using the application and all its different functions. This is closely followd by the viral formation of teams for everything. Employees recognize the benefit they can derive from it. A new team is creatd just for chatting or exchanging documents between individuals.

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As growth explodes, the number of teams creates a clutterd environment. This, in turn, impacts the overall adoption and experience DZ Leads of Microsoft Teams. team inconsistency Second, making it easy for employees to create their own teams seems like a good idea. As well as adding channels, chats and file tabs. However, we find that without governance there will always be inconsistencies between the creatd teams. Despite all good intentions, organizing Microsoft Teams is a challenge for many companies.