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The to hear that you are not going to the Beyconce concert… In an unexpect twist Thats a very nice car… if you like pink. There is officially a space before and after an ellipsis but this is often omitt. When a word is hyphenat there is no space before the ellipsis. Unless the ellipsis is in brackets there is no period after the ellipsis at the end of a sentence. The third period then concludes the sentence. Does the sentence end with a question mark or exclamation point Then it comes immiately after the third point. Also read Get rid of that space these words must be connect . Dash The dash is also known as an attention dash.

You use this punctuation mark in the following ways

If you want to mention something aside in a sentence Tomorrow we are going out to eat with the whole family for the first time this year and it will certainly not be the last time. With an South Africa Telegram Data twist at the end of a sentence She had just join the lottery and in retrospect that turn out to be a very good move. There is a space after the word before the dash and before the word after it.

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Mark you can also choose commas or brackets. Oh and Austria Phone Number List how on earth you type this character If you put a hyphen between words it usually automatically becomes a dash . . Parentheses You use parentheses in the following cases An explanation clarification or addition The KWF Queen Wilhelmina Fund for the Dutch  research care and support possible for everyone affect by cancer. For literature references or other references Population growth has fallen significantly in recent years see graph below. To indicate a second option We are looking for an intern. To indicate that par.