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Marketer you can learn this from a boot camp like bookmark Willeke Stam from Buro Aangenaam LeadLogic March at am minutes reading Responding to scarcity and urgency is what many marketers get results from. Because scarcity directs our attention. And thats exactly what I thought about during a boot camp. Are you reading along I lie on the ground in a row of four with my colleagues in the wet grass. On a sports mat that is. while doing half burpees sprints slam balls and leg dipping down in between.

Well a boot camp like that is no small feat for the average office clerk

New on This way you wipe the floor with AI noise and content poop Sat This is howgain maintain a Brazil Telegram Data reputation steps Fri The rise of Search Generative Experience is SEO becoming a thing of the past Fri Fortunately we have a personal trainer who encourages us to get the most out of ourselves. Not only that because if you push your own boundaries he will then help us through them. There is no such thing as giving up.

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So even if your arms are shaking

You seem to feel all your vertebrae separately and you only think about the fact Brazil Telegram Number you dont want to be the first to give up then he supports you. And he does this by counting down. Not from one second to one minute but by counting backwards. Because that works a lot better psychologically our personal trainer later explained. Marketing insight from the trainer When things get tough he calls out the time. So at thirty twenty and ten seconds. And if you really feel like giving up he counts the last seconds with you. So that you always reach the end goal. Sometimes a slogan such as You can do it Just hold on a little longer or You are almost there is added as.