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The message in a credible and organic way. and have an authentic connection with their followers. AI noise and content poop Schaefers book was published in more than three years before ChatGPT came onto the scene. A lot has changed since then. On platforms such as YouTube X and LinkedIn you cannot escape texts and images generated by AI . Analysts expect that artificial intelligence will be responsible for percent of all online content by . This in itself wouldnt be problematic if it werent for the fact that a lot of content is specifically created to please algorithms or to cause a fuss. There is hope that this will eventually end partly through a Google update that filters AIgenerated SEO content.


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AI noise and content poop. And thanks to Sora it is Oman Telegram Data possible to generate videos that are indistinguishable from the real thing in an instant. The web is already full of content crap. Man vs machine In times of economic uncertainty companies are inclined to be the first to cut marketing budgets. If good enough is sufficient it seems attractive to save money by outsourcing parts of marketing to an AI instead of investing in a creative marketer. But as Schaefer argues in the long run it is the most human creative companies that win. Am I against the use of AI in a marketing context Absolutely not Jasper.

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AI are ideal for taking over repetitive tasks. And the possibilities of tools Egypt Telegram Number Sora really excite me. They let you set up campaigns faster and enable you to add a rough concept to a creative letter. Also read This is how you stay relevant as a marketer in times of generative AI But the ultimate creation of authentic content that resonates with the target group requires people and budget. And a focus on quality over quantity.