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The meia image does not always consist of the same elements, but you can specify a few that are common to each brand. At the very beginning, it should also be note that the meia image must be consistent with the values ​​that the company wants to convey. It will be difficult to win customers and create a strong brand if the recipients receive conflicting information. This can affect the creibility of the company and have completely opposite effects. Creating a meia image is about collecting seemingly irrelevant information that together create a specific, well-thought-out and coherent image of the company. What does it consist of.

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Visual communication – illustrations, infographics, photography, video or animation are a great way to communicate with your audience. Today, new meia are most often use to create advertisements that reach a wide audience. language . It might seem database that it is enough to say yes to be understood. This is a correct assumption, but in the case of creating a meia image – incomplete. The language of expression, which should be adjuste to the target group, is important. First of all, age, but also geography or the specificity of a given group should be taken into account.


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Branding , building brand awareness, is of great importance in creating a meia image. Effective branding allows you to define the most important distinguishing features of the brand, define what it is today and what it should be in the future. Frequency DZ Leads of contact with the environment. Today’s recipient likes frequent contact with the brand, but appreciates it even more if it is regular. Determining how often the company wants to communicate with the environment allows you to create an action plan, thanks to which the contact is repeatable and the recipient knows when to expect further messages.