Believe That the Keyword for the Future Is Impact 


Digital communication makes an extraordinary difference compared to traditional media: its impact on people can be measured through data, tables and indicators. The so-called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators . There is an entire system, in action behind the scenes, capable of evaluating the degree of interaction between digital and people’s lives.

Now we can know exactly how many individuals have viewed our message – and more. We can even gauge their long-term reactions to that message. The entire user-customer purchase cycle appears before our eyes in total transparency: we can precisely define the number of users who have responded to a given “call to action” by making a charitable donation, for example, or by proceeding purchase of a given product.

The impact of digital

Because it is the very essence of this new communication prototype. As marketing expert Philip Kotler notes in his book, Marketing 4.0. From traditional to digital (Hoepli, 2017), we are facing an epochal change: the consumer’s customer journey has changed and, moreover, it is now possible to trace a detailed profile of the customer who purchases through the various digital channels.

Now the marketing model is no longer focused only on the product. Observes Kotler. But on the word of mouth triggered within a community of users. In the era of connectivity, the purchasing Australia Phone Number List process becomes circular : people talk about brands in the digital world. And necessarily brands must measure their impact in people’s conversations through social monitoring. A good brand reputation is the key to success.

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have made the digital impact on the life of the ordinary citizen even more evident.

Digital impact and sustainability

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Today, from the business point of view, we have to consider a concept of sustainability, which is not just environmental. In the digital age we can evaluate the impact of the entire life cycle of a DZ Leads product. We have all the means at our disposal, through data analysis. To predict the impact that a certain action will generate in the future. So forecasting becomes an intrinsic part of the creation and design process of a particular product or service. Digital allows us to evaluate the impact that a given company’s product can have on society.

The Telethon case

An emblematic example represented by Telethon told by Guglielmo Lorenzo, the Foundation’s communications manager, on the occasion of the webinar organized by L’Eco della Stampa entitled  ’20 ’21 ’22: Present and future of business communication .