Hotel Sales Strategies How to Increase Booking and Occupancy Rates

The macroeconomic scenario of the hotel sector is, in general, positive. A survey, carried out by JLL Consultoria Imobiliária , analyzed data from more than 500 hotels across the country, and showed that, despite the numbers for 2017, 2018 showed a significant improvement, also reflecting on the results at the beginning of 2019 . There has been thought about sales strategies for hotels , with the aim of increasing the occupancy rate without losing profitability, in a sector that has undergone impactful transformations. The big question is: how to raise occupancy rates in a profitable and growing way? Considering the increasingly competitive market, margins with OTAs(online travel agencies) increasingly tight, in addition to competition from new business models in the segment (such as Airbnb ), investing in innovative ideas for hotels may seem distant.

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Successful sales strategy and learn how to integrate marketing and sales with dynamism and ease. Sales strategy for hotels: how to do it? The first step in designing a good sales strategy for hotels is to have well-defined objectives. What are your hotel’s goals for 2019 and 2020? What are the goals for France Phone Number each of these goals? For example: average occupancy rate, average daily rate per apartment, % sales through OTAs, % direct bookings , % guaranteed sales, sales per executive, etc. Defining these numbers, there are other points that are essential for structuring good sales strategies for hotels. #1 Carry out a good market analysis A good market analysis determines how your hotel ranks against the competition . Knowing how to define your competitors by origin has direct implications for OTA pricing.

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However, with a much less valued location than that of your competitor, which has an equivalent infrastructure. But how to carry out this analysis? An efficient methodology for analyzing the macroenvironment and the potential of your property is the SWOT analysis . With the FOFA matrix, the DZ Leads strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced, internally and externally, will be clear to everyone. Through the SWOT matrix you can, for example, analyze the performance of your hotel in the sales channels , note, positioning criteria (page ranking) etc. In addition, based on the information gathered, it will be possible to define a competitive basket by reservation/guest profile: physical competitive basket; online competitive basket.