Social selling know what it is and how to put the strategy into practice

You may have never heard of the term social selling , but you certainly know what sales through social networks are. It turns out that the two terms describe the same thing: the act of using social media to sell your products or services. Social selling is a strategy increasingly practiced by companies and sales professionals, even more so after the coronavirus pandemic. After all, the use of social networks grew by 40% during this period, according to Kantar, and the need for social isolation meant that many companies had to adapt to this commerce model. In this article, we’ll explain what the pillars of social selling are and bring the best tips for you to start putting your strategy into practice, in addition to talking about measuring the results of actions.

But also professionals attract consumers

To these digital environments and create a good relationship with them. One of the main characteristics of social selling is that this strategy distances itself from hard selling. Which happens when sales professionals approach customers to offer their solutions. Here, the company and the sales Australia Number Data professional attract the customer through the production of valuable content and gradually gain their trust, interacting and showing their authority for proposals that are happening. Thus, in addition to making the client feel safer to seek your service, the technique can maintain a relationship of a proposal that did not go forward. On our social networks, for example, we use social selling to create authority and captivate our followers. Through Instagram , Spotify and YouTube , authentic content is created that is of interest to our audience in order to attract them.

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The pillars of social selling Social selling

Has its actions based on two main pillars: quality content and humanization. The first point is fundamental because, in order to close sales through social networks. You need people receiving your posts and interacting with the profiles. And value content is the best way to attract followers, i.e. build DZ Leads your audience. The second pillar is important because, as you who work in sales should already know, people connect with people. Therefore, it is essential that the content produced is humanized, as well as interactions with the customer. This involves giving personalized responses, calling the customer by name, empathizing and practicing active listening. Thus, the customer becomes involved with the brand, begins to trust and feel closer to it. Content marketing and sales: how does social selling help attract and retain leads.