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We have reached the end of a journey that has accompanied us throughout the second half of the now past 2021. A journey inaugurated with the event organized by L’Eco della Stampa in partnership with Rinascita Digitale: ’20 ’21 ’22: The present and future of business communication . Where, with the contribution Greater Economic of 15 exceptional speakers, a realistic perspective of what will be the evolutions in the world of communication was outlined , starting first of all from an accurate analysis of today’s concept of communicating: we ask ourselves what are the key words protagonists of 2022 that will guide us in structuring effective marketing and communication strategies for our business?

During the live broadcast on 6 May which you can watch again at this link 

The speakers involved, accompanied by the presenter Stefano Saladino, debated the meaning of communicating. And of the very role of the communicator. Coming to outline 13 keywords that the Denmark Phone Number List editorial staff of our blog has then studied in depth for you over the course of these months.

From the debate and from our insights it emerged that communicating becomes doing, acting, transmitting and sharing. But above all, communicating can no longer do without thinking and Greater Economic acting in an empathetic way towards our customers, collaborators and our own colleagues.  

Where to start from to build an effective communication strategy for your company?

The keywords for 2022 are awareness and empathy .

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We must be aware that communication is in itself at the service of whoever receives it. Therefore, as mentioned, our customers in the first place, but also our colleagues, employees and our superiors. Because communicating must not preclude the human side . It is no longer just a meticulous study of the perfect marketing strategy Greater Economic to sell a DZ Leads product or service to our target. Communicating is also interaction, cooperation, understanding, transparency and authenticity . Or, again, empathy . In this regard, we have explored the role of emotional marketing in our special Marketing and empathic communication for your business, bringing out how effective empathy is and will be for the whole of 2022 to promote one’s business and raise its value, perceived and effective of course.