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Imagine you start playing Monopoly with your kids, but instead of everyone following the manual, everyone makes up their own rules. There’s no game. There’s a fight, agree? The same happens in the routine of a company where each team acts according to its own parameters. It’s a mess! This is one of the main reasons for creating a Sales Playbook : it is the rule of the game. Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “but I don’t need a manual, my company isn’t that disorganized”. Big mistake! Variability of action generate variability of results. If your company seeks to improve results, it needs to build a sales playbook as soon as possible to guide your operation. Building a good playbook will transform prospects about your business, from the strategies they’ve been adopting to the sales processes.

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Gaps that are preventing your company from reaching higher levels of productivity and that are not seen with the “naked eye”. Check out! What is a sales playbook? The sales playbook is a strategic guide that systematizes the pillars of sales productivity, aligning the sales process, the SLA’s between Greece Phone Number areas that interact with sales, the definition of the management model with KPI’s, the tools, templates and support materials, the rites and rituals and its people training strategy. The term “playbook” originates from the fields of American football. Coaches have a notebook with all the moves and strategies that can be applied throughout the game, in different circumstances. Despite being a relatively new expression in the business segment, the Sales Playbook, in fact, is a concept applied for a long time.

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Is detailed until the execution of the sales operation. When we started the Sales DNA more than 12 years ago, we called this document the Sales Method . The rules established in the playbook arise from a path you’ve already taken, so the smartest thing to do is to. Systematize the knowledge already DZ Leads produced in a practical and optimized way. Considering all the mistakes and successes of your sales process. Why make a sales playbook for my compan. To establish clear rules and routines in How do you systematize the history of this information?. Have a highly productive reservations team The pillars of a hotel’s sales productivity are: Well-defined Sales Processes , with clear information and routines for the sales team; A management model with Sales KPI’s that really make sense for the business, and that receive systematic follow-up.