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Philip Kotler , one of the founding fathers of marketing theories, does not explicitly talk about empathy. But we can easily deduce it from many of his principles. For example, to do marketing you need to tune into the emotions of your audience, get to know their way of thinking , but above all, listen deeply to their needs. These are China Phone Number List the typical skills of emotional marketing , which help companies formulate This in a World Where a complete communication offer. In this way it is no longer so much the company that offers a product for sale, but it is the customer himself who chooses a particular brandor product. This strategy changes the consideration that one normally has of the customer and of the sales relationship. It is the consumer who must be placed at the centre, he is the protagonist of the market.

Communicate and measure emotions

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The use of brand empathy applies beautifully to the world of web marketing . In fact, very often we have the impression that   emotions are intensified on the web . This is especially evident on social networks , such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter . Here users express their ideas, opinions, but often also very strong moods This in a World Where and feelings. It has now become essential for brands to listen carefully and actively to people. To get to know them and help them. This obviously does not apply only to communication via the web, but to all means of communication. Tools to sharpen oneemotional marketing strategy can be: storytelling, copywriting and content marketing.

What is Empathy

People are on the hunt for true stories in which they can see themselves again or from which solutions can be drawn. Today, purely detached and informative content is unlikely to be attractive. It is a DZ Leads question of communicating not so much to convince, but to create a new conception of the product in one’s consumers. For example a memory or a sensation. In this way , the brand will be remembered not so much for the product, but for the history and values ​​that surround it.